Tuesday, 20 September 2011

BritJoes GSXR 7/10 Streetfighter

 About five years ago I decided to sell my old GS1150EFE and move to something a little more modern, come away from what Ive always had for a motorcycle a large air-cooled or oil cooled monster's to something more modern, a fuel injected lighter machine, though I often regret selling the old GS you cant keep em all, I think Ive regretted every motorcycle Ive sold in one way or another.

Here's its Story if your interested
5 years in the making, 2 engines later and im still very happy with what ive ended up with in a Ridiculously fast crazy looking unique Motorcycle.

I had a few thousand dollars in my pocket and went shopping I decided to buy a GSXR and found a Complete 1997 GSXR 750 SRAD with only one problem a blown engine, for $300, I also came across a Crashed non-repairable  2002 GSXR 1000K2 So Blending this Machines in to one Modern Muscle Machine would be easy wouldn't it?

The Mesh of Two Suzuki's
These Machines were 5 years apart and worlds apart in technologies, the Srad 750 was the last of the natural aspirated Suzuki Gsxr's and the GSXR 1000K2 was a 2nd year of production fuel injected rocket that didnt even exist when the 750 was made.

I sold everything I didn't need off both carcasses there were lots of sell able items on both bikes that I knew I wouldn't be using on my finished bike, plastic fairings,  the 1000 rolling gear, forks wheels etc, that were all in great shape and undamaged in the previous owners carnage.

The engine cases looked similar but when it came to squeezing the larger motor in to the 750 chassis, all the mounts were differnt, the bottom rear mount needed 3/8th of a inch shaved off each side of the crank cases, the top rear mount needed to be removed off the frame and a new mount fabricated, I also had to fabricate the left and right top engine mount adapters out of 3/8 thick aluminum plate.

  Now with the 1000 engine sitting in the frame of the 750 I was on my way to having a motorcycle and not just a bunch of parts of motorcycle's

The Original Sub frame had to go it was ugly and intrusive into the design of my bike after making some sub frame rails with my band saw and playing with the design for a while I had these Sub frame rails laser cut.
I installed a Chevy aftermarket Transmission cooler as a replacement stock cooler on the 1000 motor
with the same displacement it worked extremely well
The Fuel tank had to be altered the 1997 stock fuel assemble would not work with the 1000 fuel system so I cut out the bottom of the tank and had the fuel pump retrofitted into the old  750 tank.
I stripped the blue and white iconic paint scheme from the tank and stripped it and then wire brushed it in one direction then applied a cost of car wax and it hasn't shown any signs of rust in five years of use. 
Twin spots were added one high one low,
I decided I wanted to use a Ducati Monster tail fin, I loved the look of the monster, and I thought it would be perfect for this application. the plastic Ducati part was $400 dollars retail, but as I was talking to the parts man at the Ducati dealers  he mentioned that he had a Ducati Monster after market aluminum tail fin brand new for $80 so I bought two.

I also purchased from the Ducati dealer a aluminum front fender for a monster that married to my forks very easily.

The seat unit was upholstered at a local furniture upholsterer  who had never done a motorcycle seat before and they did a fantastic job, The seat was done in a black Snake skin and finished in a red and white striped cord across the rear as if it was a ejector seat pull cord, corny I know but hell its my bike. The bike now all silver needed a little something, I decided Kevlar decals I designed them and then emailed the designs to the local Vehicle graphics store, I stole the basic design for the shaped of these decals as a homage to my old Kawasaki Z1b, one of the most pretty Kawasaki's ever made.  The Second Ducati Tail fin was utilized as a Mini fairing shortened and reshaped and designed to hide as much of the ugly GSXR harness as possible.  
The Original factory top triple tree was replaced with a LSL aluminum billet tree and aftermarket CRG adjustable brake and clutch levers, installed, the stock white face plate on the tacho was replaced with a RED gauge face plate and the back of the gauges were removed and installed on some black textured ABS plastic sheet cut to size on my trusty $100 dollar band saw.

I installed a small billet brake fluid reservoir I also came up with using a Truck glass fuel filter for a rear brake reservoir.
The yoshimura TRS was shortened to 300mm and mounted to the the knock off Yoshimura rear-sets in red.
I was working for some time on a windowed clutch casing the first one I had made turned out awful and looked like it was welded by a blind chimp, my bike isnt a show bike its a bike I use in all kinds of weather even though it hasnt got paint on its bare metal it seems to hold up pretty well.

I had trouble after installing my windowed cover it was steaming up inside, I fixed the problem with changing the oil the old had been in there after a winter season of not being used and condensation had caused the oil to leave a white slime on the inside of the window.

In the first year I ran the bike with no ram air tubes, it had trouble revving over 9000 rpm,in high gear, so I added some aftermarket ram air tubes from a Honda Civic induction kit, and played with the lengh of the tubes until it solved the problem
 One week after my bike was knocked over in a Car Park of a restraint I blew a motor on a Dyno there was a small fluid leak that I hadn't diagnosed and CaPoW Blammo it was the engine was knocking like a fat kid at a closed candy store window, I didn't take any pictures so you will have to  be burdened with these a bunch of nice motorcycle enthusiasts I met at the Driven to Performance show in Calgary.

1997 GSXR 750 SRAD rolling chassis
2002 GSXR 1000 K2 Engine
2002 loom harness,  ECU, gauges,
Power Commander PCIII
2002 fuel pump
Yoshimura TRS exhaust shortend
Yoshimua Knock off Rear sets
CRG Mirror
CRG Levers
Lazer Cut Sub frame
Ducati Tail
Ducati front fender
R1 integrated tail lights and signals
110mm left side mounted stearing dampener

Dyno rear wheel horse power : 147hp

wet weight is with oil and gas 412lbs
2002 GSXR 1000  standard wet weight is 458lbs,
Wet Weight down 46lbs